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The ever-increasing worldwide problem of counterfeiting and diversion of brand name products saw the need for Brand Integrity International Pty Ltd to be created. We help our clients to address and prevent the theft of their intellectual property and brand.

Our Mission

Brand Integrity International has a mission to become a world-leading conduit for the supply of Security Technology and Investigative Services to manufacturers and Brand Owners.

Brand Integrity International Pty Ltd is a privately held company incorporated in Queensland, initially established to provide the brand protection program for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. These games were declared by the IOC as The Best and Most Counterfeit Free Games Ever!

Other equity partners – Cash’s UK and Australia, and Collotype Labels supply additional expertise and support specialising in the supply of authentication technologies for use in Brand Protection Programs, detection of counterfeit products, tracking of divergent products, authentication of art and memorabilia, documents and currencies.


  • Prevent Diversion
  • Reduce Counterfeiting
  • Track Parallel and Grey Goods.
  • Provide Immediate Royalty Audit
  • Stop Unauthorised Factory Over-runs
  • Authenticate Valuable Goods/Collectables

Advances in technology and globalisation have all but destroyed traditional geographic market boundaries. The new global markets cross multiple legal and regulatory boundaries which makes it almost impossible for Brand Owners to fully control their rights.

BII provides a service that ensures the INTEGRITY of International Brands.

The integration of cutting edge security technologies, combined with professional labelling and investigative specialists, introduces a new style of brand protection on a global basis.