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Our brand protection technologies make it possible to instantly identify a fake product. This helps to keep the integrity of your brand and stops the counterfeiters from copying your product… there is no market for obvious fakes.

As with any responsible owner of rights, you will want to take steps to protect them and particularly your overall brand.

Of course, you will also need whatever brand protection system you are using to be not only physically effective in deterring counterfeiters but also cost-effective in terms of your production overheads.

This is where our brand protection services come in.

We use the latest in DNA techniques to encode unique identifiable markers into your products. These are invisible to the naked eye but can be easily detected with appropriate high-tech scanning equipment.

The high cost of trying to replicate this technology with a view to counterfeiting, coupled with the virtual undetectable ‘at-a-glance’ nature of the coding that exists within bona-fide branded objects are both huge disincentives to counterfeiters and related pirates.

We have a variety of DNA-based brand protection technologies at our disposal, many of which can potentially be cost-effectively applied to your particular products and business environment. These can be used in a wide variety of different commercial applications and environments from the food industry to clothing.

Ultimately there may be relatively little you can do to physically stop counterfeiters making products that, at a first glance, appear to be identical to yours and carrying your brand image.

What you can do though is to use DNA Brand Protection to ensure that they are easily detectable and differentiable from your products, as that will lead to faster identification and potentially more successful prosecutions of the counterfeiters.

Seeing other people illegally use your brand isn’t something that you need to fatalistically accept. You do have options to stop it dead through our brand protection services.

Why not contact us for a further discussion about our range of options and approaches all designed to ensure that your brand is unique to you?