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DNA SmartMarkstm harness the power of the genetic code to provide solutions to the growing worldwide problems of counterfeiting, forgery and product diversion. The technology employs unique DNA gene segments and other biological markers in combination with exclusive optical indicators to represent the most effective anti-counterfeiting brand protection technology available.


This DNA Matrix is incorporated into conventional quality printing inks, dyes, paints and resins that can be inexpensively applied during printing or as part of standard manufacturing. As the DNA SmartMark it is widely usable, applied to stickers, swing tags or directly to product or packaging for instant verification of authenticity. A donor-supplied code can be used (with marketing and promotional advantages) or a laboratory code generated specific to the company or product.


The optical component of the Matrix incorporates special optical indicators which are relatively unknown to the counterfeiting “arts”. These indicators allow instant visual or electronic verification of the presence and authenticity of the mark using a special laser scanner tuned to specific spectral/temporal signals. The optical labels, used in some currencies, provide a sophisticated anti-counterfeiting method on their own. The combination with DNA provides everyday instant verification along with the ultimate security if required in a legal contest.

Key Innovation

The DNA component of the Matrix is a secret selection from trillions of available DNA oligomers; the presence of this selected code can only be determined by knowing the answer, unlike conventional anti-counterfeiting devices such as holograms that are easily copied. It is the only marking system combining economy, ultimate security, and tracking.

Number of Base Pairs in the DNA Oligomer Number of possible Variations
10 1.05 million
15 1.07 billion
20 1.10 trillion
25 1.13 quadrillion


  • Instant visual or electronic verification of the security mark via hand held scanners

  • Secret DNA code is virtually impossible to decipher and duplicate – trillions of codes available

  • DNA component is well known by courts as “proof positive” for conviction of counterfeiters or defence of the company’s integrity

  • DNA code is designed to discriminate against attempts to simulate the DNA to circumvent security

  • Either component can be changed to provide unique encoded information suitable for identification / tracking.

  • May be applied visibly or can be invisible to the Brand Owner, the customer and the counterfeiter

  • Sequential numbering may be applied to all stickers and swing tags for additional tracking

  • Distribution of DNA SmartMarks, and the DNA Matrix used to make them, is fully controlled, tracked and audited to prevent over-runs and application to unauthorized product.

  • Quality control – all stickers, swing tags and marked product are checked and supplied in exact quantities

  • Longevity – DNA is a robust molecule that has been recovered and typed in ancient mummies. All components of the DNA SmartMark will last as long as the substrate and media they are applied to

  • Used and proven on 100 million products from Sydney Olympic merchandise to Rugby World Cup, from Casino chips to Sportswear, from international Wines to Artwork