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DNA SmartThread harnesses the power of Genetic codes and the latest optical indicators to provide solutions to the growing worldwide problem of counterfeit and diversion in the garment and accessory industries. DNA SmartThread (containing special and rare optical indicators that show up under invisible laser light, or read by electronic scanners) is incorporated into a company’s woven brand labelling so as to identify and track genuine articles for authenticity.


In the Garment industry, licensed or designer clothes and sportswear items are attractive targets for unauthorized copies or overruns because of their popularity, exclusivity and high price. Demand generated for these brand names is a direct result of the image created by the companies around their product and the public’s belief that they are buying quality merchandise. SmartThread is woven into brand labelling as part of the normal manufacturing process, ensuring that the brand and the customer are protected at minimal additional cost.


SmartThread can be woven the same colour as the product material or label, therefore providing a mark that is not visible to the customer or the counterfeiter.

The SmartThread can be woven invisibly into patterns, numbers, bar codes or 2D codes for tracking, product divergence or production royalty control.

DNA SmartThread may include a secret DNA code which can be analysed in approved laboratories as further verification of identity and authenticity. This combination provides everyday instant verification along with the ultimate security if required in a legal contest.

It is the only marking system combining economy, ultimate security, and tracking for the garment industry.

Key Innovation

SmartThread incorporates special optical indicators, used in some currencies, which are relatively unknown to the counterfeiting arts. These allow instant visual or electronic verification of the presence and authenticity of the mark.

The advantage of this new labelling system is that it becomes part of the normal label or article manufacturing process (that is the weaving process) without requiring special steps that add expense. The inclusion of the DNA component has the potential of additional marketing and promotional excitement by the use of a marketable identity’s DNA coding to the brand label.


  • Instant visual or electronic verification of the mark via hand held scanner

  • Can be woven into patterns, numbers, bar codes or 2D codes as part of the normal label weaving process

  • May be applied visibly or can be invisible to the Brand Owner, the customer and the counterfeiter

  • Secret DNA code is virtually impossible to decipher and duplicate – trillions of codes available

  • DNA component is well known by courts as “proof positive” for conviction of counterfeiters or defence of the company’s integrity

  • DNA code is designed to discriminate against attempts to simulate the DNA to circumvent security

  • Either component can be changed to provide unique encoded information used for identification / tracking

  • Distribution of SmartThread is fully controlled, tracked and audited to prevent being attached to unauthorized product

  • Quality control –woven labels and marked product are checked and supplied in exact quantities

  • Longevity – DNA is a robust molecule that has been recovered and typed in ancient mummies.

  • All components of DNA SmartThread will last through the manufacturing and distribution process for verification at point of sale