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The DNA ArtMark is a comprehensive system to combat art and memorabilia fraud. DNAgene segments are combined with special invisible optical indicators to form a DNA Matrix that is added into paints and applied visibly or covertly onto the art object. A tamper evident security seal, authenticated by DNA Matrix and a unique serial number, are also applied to the artwork. A digital image of the item, along with relevant details, the hidden ArtMark location and seal serial numbers, are data-based – allowing investigators with handheld scanners to confirm authenticity on a worldwide basis.


Every year people lose hundreds of millions of dollars in phony investments in artwork and memorabilia. Many fake pieces are copies produced without the artists’ knowledge or authorization while others are counterfeit art pieces produced in the styles of well-known artists. In every case, a consumer has bought a counterfeit “work of art,” which is worth a fraction of its sale price. ArtMark can be applied to combat art fraud and forgery of all types of art, collectables, memorabilia, valuables and documents.


The optical component of the ArtMark incorporates special indicators that are relatively unknown to the counterfeiting arts. This allows instant visual or electronic verification of the presence and authenticity of the mark using special laser light in a hand held scanner. The optical label, used in some currencies, provides a sophisticated anti-counterfeiting method on its own. The combination with DNA provides instant verification along with the ultimate security if needed in a legal challenge. A network of investigators with secure access to the database information can verify, with handheld scanners, the seals and hidden marks on the paintings on a worldwide basis, thus confirming the art or memorabilia as authentic.

Key Innovation

The DNA component of ArtMark can be a segment of the artists own DNA; the presence of this selected code can only be determined by knowing the answer, unlike conventional anti-counterfeiting devices such as holograms that are easily copied. It is the only marking system combining economy, ultimate security, and tracking.

DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid, the building block of the gene chemistry of humans or any living organism. The DNA of an individual is well known in the courts of justice worldwide as verified evidence of source. To create a unique DNA code, cell samples are collected from the donor or artist by a simple cotton swab scraping taken from inside the cheeks and then fractionated to generate and obtain the unique code. This code is combined with other organic and inorganic ingredients to create the DNA Matrix. The Matrix is then amplified by a sophisticated laboratory process into commercial quantities and mixed with the preferred carrier of paints or invisible security inks for application to the artwork.


  • Instant visual or electronic verification of the mark via hand held scanner

  • Secret DNA code is virtually impossible to decipher and duplicate – trillions of codes available

  • DNA component is the only security measure commonly standing up in court for conviction of counterfeiters

  • May be applied invisible to the customer or counterfeiter

  • Distribution of ArtMarks, and the DNA Matrix used to make them, is fully controlled, tracked and audited to prevent being attached to unauthorized product.

  • Longevity – DNA is a robust molecule that has been typed in ancient mummies. All components of the ArtMark system will last as long as the substrate they are applied to.