October 17

Counterfeit Tickets – It Couldn’t Ever Happen to You?


Some event or venue bosses seem to be blissfully unaware of how vulnerable they really are to counterfeit tickets.

It’s not entirely unusual to encounter the viewpoint that the fakers and counterfeiters will only attack the most prestigious and high ticket value events. You might think so but if you do, you may need to think again.

Although it is a slightly old story, you can see from the attached article how even the Louvre in Paris has been on the receiving end of fake ticket production aimed primarily at Chinese tourists.  True, each individual ticket is of no great value but when looked at in terms of volume of visitors, the sums can be literally staggering and therefore very attractive to crooks.

Now hologram security products and techniques exist together with DNA-encoding that can virtually eliminate the chances of fake tickets going undetected or being undetectable.  Combined with some relatively simple scanning technology, these techniques can virtually eliminate the chances of the fakers and the counterfeiters being able to fool anyone with their tickets – particularly when they are being sold in bulk.

However, the real point of this brief blog is to draw to everyone’s attention, yet again, that there is virtually no sort of event or establishment that the fakers will not switch their attention to if they believe there is a profit in it for them.  So, don’t assume because your establishment is of only a modest-sized that it will somehow pass under the radar of these global gangs. It won’t.

Even as you are reading this, it’s perfectly possible that a crook somewhere is looking at some of your tickets and admission systems to see if they can find a way of counterfeiting them.  It might be a smart idea to find out more about how you can stop them doing so before it is too late.


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