October 17

DNA Encoding can Help to Avoid Tragedies at Major Events


Things such as sporting events, rock concerts, political rallies and so on, should be a time of celebration and mass enjoyment.

Unfortunately, they can also occasionally trigger a train of events that can lead to major problems or even disasters.

It is not proposed to go through a long and painful regurgitation here of global event disasters that have taken place over the last 30 or 40 years but what can be said is that subsequent investigations have, in many cases, highlighted overcrowding as a major contributory factor.

Why does overcrowding occur?

In some cases it is clearly as a result of human incompetence or poor venue design.  However, in others a significant factor has been large numbers of people either gaining or trying to gain, admittance to the venue based upon counterfeit tickets.

It’s worth differentiating here between the idea of a counterfeit ticket and a person intentionally using it as such.

The vast majority of individuals around the globe, who have used or tried to use counterfeit tickets, have done so in total innocence, believing that it was the genuine article.  However, in the subsequent confusion that can result, the consequential overcrowding can easily turn into a potentially disastrous situation.

Whatever may have been the case in the past, today there is no excuse for allowing people with counterfeit tickets to gain access to major events. Using our revolutionary solutions for event protection services, involving the inclusion of unique DNA into tickets and their subsequent scanning/detection, it is perfectly possible to eliminate the fraudulent ticket access problem of the past.

Of course, that alone can’t remove all the risks associated with a large crowd of people gathering together in a relatively small place for a given purpose but it can make a powerful contribution to overall improved safety levels.


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