October 17

Can DNA Brand Protection itself be faked?


It’s always a mistake to underestimate the ingenuity and deviousness of the counterfeiting and faking industry.

For example, at one time a three dimensional security hologram was considered to be the ultimate deterrent to the fakers. While today it continues to play a major role in such deterrence, copies of it can now be produced with surprising effectiveness by the crooks of the world.

So, it’s perhaps understandable that here at Brand Integrity we are occasionally asked if our DNA encoded solutions can be similarly faked.

The answer is ‘no’, to all intents and purposes they cannot be replicated.

Why not?

Space doesn’t really permit us to go into a lot of detail here but suffice it to say that once the secret combination of DNA oligomers is selected, the number of potential combinations that fakers would have to work with is quite simply staggering.

For example, with 20 base pairs in the DNA oligomers you have a difficult to comprehend 1.10 TRILLION potential combinations.  The science and statistics are going to be beyond almost any conceivable counterfeiting operation.

Of course, as we have pointed out before, perhaps nothing can ever safely be described as being impossible.  Even so, it is important to keep in mind the basic economics of a counterfeiting operation. The more complex and costly in terms of science and technology it becomes to try and replicate a brand identifier, the less likely it becomes that it would be economically viable for a faker to try and do so.

So, we can say with some confidence that our solutions will help you protect your product and brand image to an extent and that will make them virtually totally immune from the attentions of those who would set out to diminish your reputation in the marketplace through fakes.

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