October 17

Counterfeiting – Not Just a Western World Problem


If you think that counterfeiting is a problem that only affects only Geo-political regions such as North America, Europe and Australia, you would be mistaken.

An interesting article has just been published showing how counterfeit car parts are proving to be a major problem in Ghana.

Apparently, consumers are being persuaded to buy apparently cut-price spare parts for their cars.  This looks a really good deal until the parts rapidly fail, meaning they need to be replaced with this time bona fide spares.  The result is that the consumer has, of course, had to pay twice.

That’s not the only issue. There is, of course, a major safety problem as the report highlights. It is suggested that the use of fake parts is a significant factor in a number of road accidents in the country.

This type of report is enlightening for anyone who is inclined to see counterfeiting as a slightly amusing facet of life in general.  It is anything but that for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is that in some circumstances fake goods can lead to potential tragedy and death.

That is why we and many organisations take the business of brand protection through anti-counterfeiting technologies so seriously.  This is not simply about protecting revenue streams or that precious corporate logo.  In many cases it is about keeping people safe and preventing catastrophe.

We should all be clear in commerce and industry that fake goods are a plague that needs to be conquered.  True, that can only be done by a combination of technical brand protection solutions and consumer education but the counterfeiters must be beaten for the protection and wider benefit of our entire society.

At Brand Integrity we have a role to play in that and we are stepping up to the plate in terms of our responsibilities to develop innovative and effective solutions to stop the counterfeiters dead in their tracks.

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